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One reason for this site is that my family and friends often asked where they can see my writing, and it’s a little too much to run down the list of sites. Or, at least one person has asked me where they can see my writing, and I didn’t have a pen at the time, so here we are.

So this will function as a personal content aggregator as well. And since this is my site (with my name on it!) I can introduce each post and warn my less baseball-friendly people when the nerd content is high and they might not be able to get half of the terms I use. It’s just a vocabulary, but not everyone speaks the language of WAR, xFIP, BABIP and the like.

And then, for good measure, I’ll clean out some of my reader for those of you not in the Google Reader Mafia. Should be fun.

My breakdown of the Tom Gorzelanny trade on FanGraphs, in which I make references to the Mayan proclamation of doom and wonder if the Nationals actually think they can contend in 2012. Personally, I don’t think they’ve got what it takes and I’m not sure I’d spend even a blocked prospect like Michael Burgess on a middling lefty for the back of the rotation, but maybe they see something in Gorzelanny that I’m missing. He has had some decent stretches. But Nationals fans should hope that this is all building in a good way – if GM Mike Rizzo blows it with ueberprospects Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper on the way and Ryan Zimmerman still young and cheap, well, then people down in DC town will never forgive him.

Take a look at my first mock-drafted team on RotoHardball and call me an idiot. I do think I made some mistakes (the batting average is poor, and my late pitchers could have been better), but give me another five rounds for the bench, and I would have made the team into a contender. Hubris?

On NotGraphs, I take a look at before and after pictures for some of the heavier dudes in baseball. The best part of the post – other than the pictures – is that I bequeath Prince Fielder with the nickname “Petit Prince” and coax “Pablito” into the light for Pablo Sandoval. They work either way (ironic or real), and ever since “Fat Ichiro” didn’t take for Sandoval, I’ve been trying to undo the Panda nickname. And, hey, is that first picture the same guy at all? They don’t look at all alike.

Mom says she’d prefer this human cheese over toe cheese, a sentiment with which I agree. But I do not think I could eat human cheese, Sam I am.

Sriracha Blood Marys? 88 pools of hot sauce? A Sriracha cookbook? Joanne, I got an idea for our next drink-a-thon. Maybe we can put some on some human cheese. Yum!

Hey, what? My drinking gene tells me who my friends should be? Crap. It already controls who half the people in the world sleep with.

The ten best beards in history.
Sigh. If only I could.

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I write. About baseball, mostly, but also about the anthropology of sports, travel, cooking and sometimes music. But yeah, baseball mostly.
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