Daily Dues

After a weekend spent catching up with family both extended and close, it’s time to focus on the upcoming season and get some work done. To a strong year for everyone! Somehow it seems to be starting now.

At RotoHardball, I start the process of getting the rankings right by opening up another working document. These early shortstop rankings, like the others before it, are meant to be debated and discussed so that we can get it right. The wisdom of crowds usually helps, and in this case, there might be a shuffling of the dudes at #4 through #10. Derek Jeter, Alexei Ramirez, Jimmy Rollins, Elvis Andrus, Starlin Castro, Stephen Drew and Ian Desmond are pretty much a crapshoot at this point. A twitter follower described it as using a blindfold and throwing a dart. I guess the takeaway there is that you shouldn’t overspend for any of that group. Also: help us get it right by commenting!

I take a look at Brad Penny for Bloomberg Sports, and though some of the pitchers with comparative stats are interesting (Trevor Cahill, for example), others are ugly (Rick Porcello and Fausto Carmona). He looks like a waiver wire plug in at best – but know that Detroit owns a slightly pitcher-friendly park and that if his groundball rate holds, he will be interesting at some point.

Want to know what your state is worst at? This infographic is one of the million reasons to follow the Daily What, and it also tells me that I’ve lived in states that are bad at Air Pollution, Daily Commutes, and Bad Driving, and Sickness. Sounds about right actually.

My wife thinks Mark Sanchez is attractive. Most of the Tri-State is probably cursing his name. Now picture him monkeying around with boogers. Should make both camps feel a little better.

Yes this poem about winter is nice. What about it feels like a little patented New York navel-gazing though?

Saw some of that Skins show on MTV and thought it was a little racy even for a laissez-faire kind of dude. But you know, whatever. Then Taco Bell said no thanks and pulled their ads, probably because of all the drugs those high schoolers do in that show. And then the show got in a little hot water for child pornography laws and had to edit some of the scenes featuring actors under the age of 18. So, yeah, it’s a little racy.

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I write. About baseball, mostly, but also about the anthropology of sports, travel, cooking and sometimes music. But yeah, baseball mostly.
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