Daily Dues

Today wasn’t the most eventful day, but I got two posts up and made some headway in my quest to interview the best media dudes out there. Hopefully it will work out with some of them. If you haven’t seen the series, here are my “Media e-Interviews” with Craig Calcaterra, Ken Davidoff and Shannon Drayer. The aim, with the series, is to find out more about their upbringing and education, but also about exactly how they got where they are. It’s a selfish enterprise – I want to know these things – but I think it has value for other young writers out there. It’s generally enjoyable anyway.

Nerdy Baseball:

As promised, I continued my investigation of the Phillies’ lineup. And once again, we found that though their are at least two versions of the ‘optimal lineup,’ the difference between the best probable lineup and an okay one is not huge. Then again, if the team were to play the very best lineup they could, it might look pretty different and it might just net them a couple wins more over the course of the season. Of course the very best lineup probably has Chase Utley batting first or second, and that just doesn’t seem very likely.

Barely Baseball:
A great post by Jon Bois about the best names in baseball (Cannonball Titcomb For The Win) meant that I had to do the internet version of a golf clap. I posted a short piece pointing out some of the best parts of the article and suggesting a few more names for the list. Quentin “Release the” McCracken is a pretty good suggestion in the comments [nickname my addition].

Joe Biden gets some crap for his gaffes but, as this anecdote shows, I have confidence that he’s a generally decent man.

Just file this one away for the future. The best beer bars in America. I’ve only been to Tornado, but that’s one pretty sweet, so I’m going to try the other ones – one by one.

Eh. Just a really, really nice soccer goal.

And, on a sad but amazing note, more people have taken their own lives than have died in combat in Afghanistan or Iraq this year (and for the second year in a row). Wow.

Let’s not end like that. Let’s end reminiscing about our first favorite computer game, King’s Quest, which will be back next month with a new installment, and a re-make of KQ3. Awesome.

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I write. About baseball, mostly, but also about the anthropology of sports, travel, cooking and sometimes music. But yeah, baseball mostly.
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