Daily Dues

We should have an interview with the artist that did the banner for this website this week, and I’ve got a couple other things in the works. Spring Training is only the shortest month away, though, and there are some exciting changes brewing around the internet. In particular, we should find out tomorrow where Rob Neyer will call home next. Neyer spent 15 years at ESPN and probably wrote more words than anyone at the dot-com. He was the first baseball writer I read regularly and perhaps the main reason I ever began visiting the site, so I look forward to finding out where he’ll end up. My money is on MLB Network, which has been gathering some strong talent and stole Peter Gammons from ESPN recently. It’d be great to have him at FanGraphs but I don’t see it happening.

Barely Baseball
Thursday I began the search for new nicknames for the various new Mets on AmazinAvenue.com. It’s hard to avoid playing around with the words Chris-Berman style (like “Amadeus” for Brad Emaus because of the unique pronunciation of his name), but we just don’t know enough about many of these new guys to hang a moniker on them. I wanted to call Chris Young ‘Baller’ because he’s so tall, or “Ivy” because he went to Yale, but it looks like they called him CY in San Diego. Harumph. We’ll figure these out, as the healthy comments section suggests.

For NotGraphs I took a look at some team songs over the years. Yeah, that’s right, teams used to record songs, perhaps in order to connect with their fan base on a different level. The videos are hilarious cultural artificats, but I think they might also be a casualty of cool. Not that people wanted to be cool less in the late 80s and early 90s, but that our definition of cool has morphed to the point that our athletes no longer feel the urge or need to record (somewhat silly) cover tunes with their teammates in acid-washed jeans with hightop fades. It’s a pity. I think the Giants could put together a sweet music video, I do.

Reading about the Sushirrito in San Francisco (which I must have ASAP) reminded me of the Indian burritos I used to eat in the Village. Kati Rolls for the win.

Wonder what Wilt Chamberlain, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Andre the Giant would look like next to each other? Wonder no more.

Let’s all get really angry about… toilet paper orientation.

We played all those early NES games, and we never really thought about it: What was the world like from Mario’s perspective?

That’s quite the hat, dude.

I’m sorry for my East Coast brethren – but these AccuWeather graphics are sending shivers down my spine as I walk around the backyard in my shorts picking oranges from our tree. Hah.

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  1. Scott G says:

    Thats way to many word on TP orientation.

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