Daily Dues

What a day. It started with the news that Rob Neyer has joined SBN as a writer and community organizer, which blew my mind. Rob is the reason I write, quite simply. I began reading his work in 1997 as a freshman at Stanford, and used his take on baseball to dominate my fantasy leagues. Now, so many years later (I can’t bring myself to say how many, actually, even with the math so plainly clear), I’ll be writing on the same network. I won’t pretend that my contributions at AmazinAvenue or my editorship at RotoHardball put me in direct daily contact with him, but sharing a platform will be fun. Here’s to a damn fine year.

Nerdy Baseball:
A comment on my Phillies piece last week inspired a piece about how bad the bottom of the Cardinals lineup is. The joke was that the pitcher could hit sixth, and though it was facetious, it’s a pretty piss-poor lineup outside of their stars. Once Lance Berkman settles in and David Freese gets healthy, it’ll get a little better. But a dirty little fantasy secret last year was that the Cardinals made for decent spot starts. You could often start a sub-par pitcher against them and get away with it.

Barely Baseball:

Even further back then reading Rob Neyer, I was collecting baseball cards. So I got a little hurt when some of my favorite cards got hung with the ‘worst’ moniker on some lists. Not fair. So I went out and defined what a card was supposed to do, what made a card good, and how many of the ‘worst’ cards were really pretty cool… because I’m a nerd like that. Once again, the comments section got fun pretty quick.

I lovee the Coen Brothers, so I love the Coenfographic. You might, too.

Man, my mom and I used to watch the Cosby Show every week… once we got a TV. Now I can relive those days on Netflix by getting season one.

Jetpacks. PBR. What?

The McBain movie clips arranged in chronological order. OF course it makes sense. Of course.

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I write. About baseball, mostly, but also about the anthropology of sports, travel, cooking and sometimes music. But yeah, baseball mostly.
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