Baseball Roundup

I think I’m going to try to change up the format here. I’ll do Baseball Roundups daily to catch the stuff I I write, but then I’ll do the rest of my links in single posts as I notice them. This might lead to more original content, and will definitely lead to more spaced out content. If you’d like to shortcut to baseball topics, just click the ‘baseball’ tag on the right-hand navigation bar.

I hope you enjoy.

Today, my only piece was a working document for outfielder rankings at RotoHardball. In these, I post an early version and ask for people’s inputs in order to crowdsource the rankings and get them right. It’s fun to get some back-and-forths going in the comment section, and it makes my rankings better.

Those looking for early sleepers might want to look at Jay Bruce (#14 on my list), Drew Stubbs (#22), Shane Victorino (#26), Jason Bay (#30) and Curtis Granderson (#31). Jacoby Ellsbury (#18) and Angel Pagan (#33) are good speed pickups and Will Venable (#56) is a great power/spleed guy, especially if he ends up leading off as he might.

Today also marked the announcement of the FanGraphs Fantasy game. It’s a year-round auction keeper – a format that doesn’t really exist out there right now – and I’m pretty excited about it. Since it’s year-round, there’s no down time and no need for spreadsheets and email lists. No people herding. It costs $9.99 until the end of February, and we’re about to announce some celebrity commissioners, so you can go up against a writer you might like to beat. Once you complete the auction, it’s an easy game. Auctions, on the other hand…

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I write. About baseball, mostly, but also about the anthropology of sports, travel, cooking and sometimes music. But yeah, baseball mostly.
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