Baseball Roundup

Another great day to write about baseball. A little nasty in Menlo Park, but pitchers and catchers have now reported for many teams, so that means we are inching ever-closer to real life baseball.

At FanGraphs, I outlined how Indians catcher Carlos Santana has already done some pretty sweet things, even in a mere 46 games in his rookie season. As a switch-hitting catcher under 25, it seems best to compare him to like players. And if you do so, he comes out on top by most accounts. Sure, it’s a small amount of games, but he’s looking pretty good, and he’s healthy and ready to go. A full season might just be a treat.

My NotGraphs post inspiration came from my mother when she sent me the link to Bespectacled Baseball, a great tumblr full of baseball players wearing glasses. One of the hardest parts about writing the piece was finding so many different ways to refer to glasses. Fun stuff.

Lastly, we kicked off the pre-season coverage at RotoGraphs and it’s prime fantasy preparation season, so we jumped right into our catcher rankings. Once the rankings were up, we plan on posting articles only about catchers until the next ranking goes up. I wrote a piece today about some catchers that were falling in the rankings this year – Matt Wieters, Jorge Posada and Miguel Montero. Wieters seems like a nice sleeper, but Posada and Montero have legitimate beefs and might be best owned in a tandem.

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I write. About baseball, mostly, but also about the anthropology of sports, travel, cooking and sometimes music. But yeah, baseball mostly.
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