Late Grammy Analysis

1) Why did Jason Segel tell Lady Ga-Ga to grow up? That was strange. First, I don’t want to grow up. Second, I love Lady Ga-Ga’s crazy style.

2) Arcade Fire might have served themselves well by playing the second song first. Saw a lot of crap about “Who is Arcade Fire” and I’m sure some people shut it off after they one. Their first song was a little more discordant and might have set some people off. The second more melodic. I like both fine, but I could see how people might have shut down after that first song. But BMX bikes!

3) Cee-Lo Green is awesome. Goodie Mob was great, but now he’s just in full-on crazy mode. And I thought Gwyneth Paltrow did okay, but probably because I thought she would be HORRID and she ended up being okay. Still, the whole thing is worth a look if only for the idea of profane puppets:

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