Really Easy Recipe for Dudes

The simplicity of this one makes for a great couples dinner that can be whipped out on short notice. Since it’s healthier than many dishes, double kudos might even be in the cards.

Eno’s Really Easy “Steak” Dinner Recipe

A Grill Pan (A pan that looks like a grill sorta)
Protein (Works with with any higher quality cut of steak, and ahi tuna steaks)
Wasabi Paste (Japanese horseradish-style green paste, the toughest thing on this list to find)
Soy Sauce (Soy Sauce)
Olive Oil (Oil made from olives)
Bok Choi (Or any leafy, fibrous green, could do broccoli here too unless you are against)
Butter (The healthy part of the mea!)
Cayenne Pepper, Black Pepper (Picant!e)
Rice (Brown if you got a little extra time to run the rice pot)

Gently massage the wasabi paste into the meat of your choice on both sides. Then throw some olive oil and soy sauce on the sucker, dip on both sides, and dust with black pepper across the top. Put back in the fridge.

Start the rice. With the rice cooker. Should hopefully be able to handle that with minimal shouting, though I usually have to google the ratios anyway. Good luck with this.

Once the rice is almost done, start up a grill pan with a little olive oil. Get it hot, as hot as your cut is thin. As in, super hot for the tuna, a little bit less hot for a thin steak, and medium-hot for a thicker stake. But hot nonetheless. You can drip the rest of the marinade on the cooking steak, depending on how much cleaning you want to do later (and if you have a hood over your stove or not).

Cook your protein.

As the protein cooks, heat up a wok or big frying pan with butter. Throw your bok choi in there with some soy sauce, then mist with cayenne pepper and maybe a little chili powder. Cook until soft but not completely wilted.

Lay bok choi on the rice and drizzle with the soy sauce. Serve protein dry, should be seared for tuna, as you like for your meat.


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