Baseball Roundup

After badgering Rob Neyer about Jose Reyes and the likelihood that he signs a long-term deal with the Mets sometime this year, I’ve been thinking about the shortstop and his place in the history of the game. He had a great three-year peak, but his 2009 was such a valley that it has put his entire future in doubt. Originally, I thought about Nomar Garciaparra and how his frailty led to his early exit from the game and robbed his career of the meat it required to be a legitimate Hall of Fame type career. But after exploring his stats and comparing them to Reyes’, I felt he wasn’t a great comparison to Reyes. Instead, I settled on Derek Jeter, Rafael Furcal, Jimmy Rollins and Barry Larkin as good comparisons. If Reyes ends up as Furcal, his next contract will be an overpay. If instead he ends up showing a Larkin-esque career (nice peaks and injury-ridden valleys), he may still be worth a nice fat contract. As the poll shows, Mets fandom is split on this one.

For fantasy purposes, I compared Jeremy Hellickson to his young Rays rotation mates on Bloomberg Sports. They aren’t good comparisons in the normal sense of the word – David Price is a lefty, Jeff Niemann wasn’t in his class as a prospect – but they all have the same path to follow. They all have to play the AL East a ton, in other words. Hellickson should be fine – more David Price than Wade Davis – but looking at the stats was still interesting.

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