The Revenge of the Introvert

This is a really interesting article about the differences between introverts and extroverts. There’s some analysis in here of negotiation and interaction styles that makes it a must-read for anyone (unlike me) that works in a workplace. There’s even a list of things to do and not do when encountering an introvert, things that I can agree with as a one-time introvert.

Those close to me may be surprised to hear me say that. I talk too much, I’m willing to meet anyone, and I’m not easily embarrassed. On the other hand, I’ve always made an effort to do those things (!) and they don’t come naturally. I credit my mother and other role models growing up for drawing me out of my shell. It could have been very easy for an only child of a single mother to be an intense introvert. I certainly spent a lot of time amusing myself as a child.

So, reading this, I feel like I agree with both sides. Of course, the article also says that we are all somewhere on a continuum. But if you know someone on the far side of the introvert spectrum, this will be valuable to you.

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