Baseball Roundup

I love commenters, and have said so many times. So when the commentariat got together to call my San Francisco Giants preview a mess on FanGraphs, I listened of course. But I’m not sure I agree with this crowd. I can’t help but see age as an issue among the position players – Aubrey Huff, Pat Burrell, Andres Torres, Freddy Sanchez, Mark DeRosa and Miguel Tejada are all on the wrong side of 30. Huff has had really bad seasons as recently as two years ago. Torres didn’t exist in the major leagues in 2009. DeRosa and Tejada have looked done in past years. The offense is not great, and it has Sabean’s fingerprints all over it. I do love me some Brandon Belt, however, and if he comes up, he could really have an impact. All in all, I see the division as I did last year: a pick-em that might go down to the wire. Probably not with the Padres, but the Rockies and Dodgers could improve.

I love soccer, but don’t get to watch it often. One great idea that soccer had, at least in England, is relegation. If your team is one of the three-worst in the premiership, it is relegated to the next division down. The three best ‘minor league’ teams come up to take their place. It certainly provides some juice to a league that otherwise produces the same four or five best teams every year. I thought I would think about how this would work in baseball, where the major league teams have minor league affiliates which would complicate things. Then again, one of the worst teams in baseball, the Royals, also had the best minor league team in baseball last year. So we had our perfect storm. Here’s what happened when we translated those great minor league players to the major leagues, though.

For fantasy baseball heads, I put up my second pass at catcher rankings at RotoHardball. I think people helped us get the rankings right actually, so thanks be to the people.

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