Really Easy Recipes for Dudes: Boursin Shrimp Sauce (with Chanterelles)

This one is really easy but seems sophisticated, so it’s a great one to have in your back pocket. And that’s part of the charm of this series.

As usual, we’ll leave the portions up to you in a general way. Will help you get a feel for cooking.

1 pound of frozen raw shrimp (this is a great thing to have a round, shrimp freeze and thaw well)
1 box of pasta (you know you’ve got some somewhere)
1 onion
1 carton of Boursin cheese (in most cheese aisles, the hardest thing you’ll need to buy)
1 cube of chicken bouillon (get a box, you’ll need this for lots of things)
Salt, pepper, maybe a green spice (your stamp on this)
$5 worth of Chantrelles if you can find em, regular mushrooms if not (this is the bonus part, where you get real kudos if you can find the mushroom – here’s more about them, and what they look like)

Cook the pasta. You can do it.

Start the onion cooking. Thaw the shrimp and take the shells off while the onion is slowly cooking.

Once the onions are translucent, throw in the bouillon cube and a cup of water. Then start crumbling the Boursin into the sauce. Keep going until the sauce is white and you like the taste. Add salt, pepper, and your green spice (thyme is nice, but fresh oregano or rosemary might work too).

if you’ve got chantrelles, clean them and throw them in while the sauce is thickening.

Once the sauce has a nice taste and thickness, turn the heat up to medium-high and drop the shrimp in.

Strain the pasta and serve once the shrimp are cooked.

Easy, with some sophisticated tastes. Should impress without stress.

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I write. About baseball, mostly, but also about the anthropology of sports, travel, cooking and sometimes music. But yeah, baseball mostly.
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