Fashion Mistakes for Men

Today on RotoWorld, I put up my Saves & Steals column, and I ranked the tiers by fashion mistakes that men make. I thought some pictures might help bring the point home, so here they are, visually. At the bottom? Mistakes that didn’t make the list but still deserve derision. (And, as I said in my RotoWorld post, I wouldn’t get too angry if you see something you rock here. I’ve personally rocked some of the do-nots below – not that I would now – and time heals all wounds. I probably wouldn’t continue rocking the look though.) (One last thing – I had no idea how to rank these. They all look terrible to me.)

Tier 1: uggs for men

Tier 2: zubaz Hammer pants

Tier 3: sandals and socks

Tier 4: doubled popped collars

Tier 5: man jeggings (jeans so tight they look like or are leggings)

short shorts, tank top and pot belly

three-quarter jeans and timberlands (sorry dude, but it’s not good. thanks to Juliette for finding this picture)

spanx for men

deep v-neck for men

leather fanny pack (can’t believe these exist, given how crappy the non-leather versions were)


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