The Braves and Phillies Staffs

I wouldn’t have picked this headline. I don’t think that the Braves’ rotation is better than the Phillies’ and putting a headline like “Braves’ Staff Better than Phillies” on that article is a little inflammatory. Guess that’s why I got all those comments about how I’m crazy – even though the article, for ESPN insider, focused on how the Braves’ depth is the key, not the fact that their rotation has SO FAR pitched the Phillies’ rotation to a standstill.

Since it’s a pay link, I’ll give you a quote that gets at the heart of the piece in my mind:

Teams averaged 1,444 innings pitched per staff in the National League last year. The ZiPS projections, compiled by Dan Szymborski and housed on, have the Phillies’ Big Four throwing a combined 824 1/3 innings this year. Even with Roy Halladay projected to pitch more innings than anyone in baseball (231 1/3), there are about 620 remaining for the non-big-four to pitch. In other words, depth matters.

And in those 620 innings, the Braves will have the advantage.

[Me on ESPNinsider]

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