The Counter in Palo Alto

I love the hamburgers at The Counter in Palo Alto. They allow you to customize almost everything about the burger – see the picture below. Now they’re even offering customized cocktails, so that’s good. It’s a little pricey, but worth it mostly.

As an aside, apparently I made a scene. I took a picture of the menu and the waiter asked me if I wanted something. I said no, I was just taking a picture for my blog. Then, when I left, the people next to me mocked me, saying to their server that they were just taking pictures for their blog.

Whatever, I can’t hear you over the crunch of my pretzel bun, caramelized onions, blue cheese, applewood smoked bacon and chipotle aioli turkey burger.

(Except I have acid reflux situation and couldn’t eat that late so my burger was imaginary. So it wasn’t really a great moment. But in my mind it was. Really great.)

About enosarris

I write. About baseball, mostly, but also about the anthropology of sports, travel, cooking and sometimes music. But yeah, baseball mostly.
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