Two Days in Menlo Park and San Francisco

Thursday PM
Dinner in SF at Prospect in SOMA
This was the second time in a week that I had gone to Prospect. I took my father on Father’s Day. He used to live on a commune and used to drive an Easy-Rider-style Harley. Now he takes me to the same restaurant that I took him five days before. He claims that I suggested the idea of coming back, but don’t believe the hype. They recognized us. The place has amazing drinks but I had duck three ways the second time and it was oversalted. Too bad. If you go, have the Kingston Crusta. That’s an excellent drink.

Drinks at Zeitgeist in the Mission
From the suits to the kooks. Love their bloody maries but pissing in a Port-A-Potty is not great even as a man. Don’t know how my wife even agrees to go there really. But sitting outside among the Mission’s grungiest is always fun. After a friend bringing us a pitcher of Racer Five IPA fell to his knees we, thought it might be time to leave. But hey, he caught three-quarters of it! One more then.

Friday PM
Phone Calls
We have a new cat, it seems. A semi-blind very-cross-eyed Siamese got stuck under our car and was terrified. A week later, and he’s finally opening up to us and is actually a really adorable cat. Very friendly and wants attention, which is sorta rare I hear. Never had a cat growing up. Anyway, we’re giving it a legit try to find his owners. He had a chip, but it wasn’t registered. He’s three years old and has been neutered and the vet pointed out that he can see some. He’s well-fed. He’s someone’s, probably. We went to the local pet store and the nice old hippy there warned us not to put too much information on the flier – “You wouldn’t want the wrong person to contact you.” My wife and I laughed to ourselves later – any person that wants to take care of a cat is probably an okay person, right? What would they want to do, eat the cat? So my wife put most of the information we had on the flier. So we got a phone call from the pet store Friday afternoon. The lady tells us that some crazy person came and stole the flier from the front door. She tracked the nutter down but wanted to let us know that she was sorry that she let slip that the cat might be blind – the only thing we didn’t put on the flier. She was apoplectic. We told her it would be fine. The next phone call we got was from the crazy person. In a monotone, she read off from the flier one item after another. She didn’t name the cat. She gave no details or strange details. She couldn’t tell us where she lived or how to get in touch with her. Definitely the wrong person.

Dinner at Left Bank in Menlo Park
I love Left Bank, and the French resto is probably the best we’ve got in Menlo Park. We were sitting down to a meal and the next table over was chatting us up before we had our asses in our seats. Dude’s wife kept apologizing and telling him to stop, but she was ready to talk too. We’re new enough to the city, so we talk a little. Yeah, we met at Stanford. Yeah, we lived in SF, New York, London, and now we’re back. In retrospect, we passed some tests. Because once we finished the pre-amble, more juicy tidbits came out. Oh, Menlo-Atherton Public High School? Yeah, they had race riots, did you hear? There’s a black hallway and a brown hallway and so on. Our children went to Menlo – how much, oh around 40 thousand or so. Insert strange story about the Sun Microsystem’s founder’s son that takes a long time and leaves us wondering what the point was. Tell me, his wife asks my wife, are you Oriental because you’re like this. [Is there anything not offensive that could come after that statement? As is, she made the universal symbol for Asian eye. Wow.] Tell me, he asks, is your husband an SAE? [My wife resists the ‘Same Assholes Everywhere’ joke that is dying in her throat. No, she says, he wasn’t in a frat, in fact he was in fratority..] He cuts her off and says, don’t call it a frat, would you call your country a cunt? Speechless.

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