The Bistro in Heyward had an IPA Beer Fest

The Bistro in Heyward had an IPA Beer Fest and we enjoyed it thoroughly. Posted below is the complete list of beers (57!) for the IPA lover. But there’s enough kicking around in the memory banks to come up with at least a top and bottom three. I hope.

Top 3:

Schooners IPA from Antioch, California – Tasted a little like Wipeout from Port Brewing, and had a lot of the same hops, but also owned a little more bite.

Triple Rock IPAX IPA from Berkeley, California – Almost had a rye taste but was overall a really well-balanced beer despite the strong tastes.

Boneyard Beer Armored Fist from Bend, Oregon – This beer I went for because it had the sorachi ace hops that was recommended to me. It was the only beer that had it, which was a shame.

(Also good were Drake’s Aroma Coma and of course Stone’s Ruination IPA).

Bottom 3:

E.J. Phair from Concord, California – No information on the list, so I tried it first to start with a blank slate. That’s what this one tasted like too.

Eel River Organic IPA from Fortuna, California – Being organic is just not good enough.

Avery Brewing Maharaja from Boulder, Colorado – Just kidding. This would have been awesome. They were just out, early. So I was mad.

[Thanks to @robsee for the menus]

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2 Responses to The Bistro in Heyward had an IPA Beer Fest

  1. Vanimal says:

    What, no east coast brews? Lame.

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