Letover Crab Sandwich

In our household, the life of an oversized pack of crab legs does not end with the first eating. There are many different renditions of the things as I take advantage of working from home to have some lunchtime fun.

On Friday, we brought a pack of crab legs home and, since we were tired from the week, we just ate them. As they were. With no accoutrement. Steamed some broccoli and made some rice and just ate glorious fresh crab. It was amazing. And perfect for the time.

Sunday, we were working in the yard. Got the grill going. Threw some tiger prawns on the grill with butter and garlic… and remembered the remaining three crab legs in the fridge. Threw those on, too, with a little lemon. Cooked up the remaining garlic and butter, cracked the warm crab legs, and wiped them in the butter. Delicious!

But already I was eying the leftovers, something that my wife hates. But this time she was too full to care, and so I planned my sandwich for the next day.

I haven’t made many seafood sandwiches, so I sensed some danger. I didn’t want to stifle the crab taste, but I needed to add some stuff around it. An everything bagel was going to be my bread, I was sure of that. Not only did I have one in the fridge, but it seemed like the perfect kind of extra spice that wouldn’t kill the taste of the crab. Mustard? Out. Only mayo. Tomato? Avocado is more neutral. Blue cheese? A whiff of the blue cheese and the crab together said no. Some Irish cheddar seemed much safer.

Put it all together, and it was amazing. The crab taste was there, but the avocado, mayo, and cheese provided a soft stage for the crab to dance upon. The everything bagel made it lunch instead of dinner. The crunch of the toasted bagel and the softness of the crab worked really well.

Of course, after a prolonged twitter conversation on the subject, I’ll admit it’s possible to refine this sandwich. The first question is this: would tomato and basil be a good addition or replacement for the avocado? I’m thinking addition, but a passionate sandwich maker felt replacement, as the tomato and basil would make the cheddar sing while not killing the crab taste. It’s possible.

I look forward to testing this one out.

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I write. About baseball, mostly, but also about the anthropology of sports, travel, cooking and sometimes music. But yeah, baseball mostly.
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