Writing Wroundup

Because everyone likes alliteration.

In non-nerdery (though, to be honest, most of my writing is nerdly), I did play some more google baseball, in which I take a word, add baseball to it, and troll the results. This week, it was ‘brouhaha,’ which is a great word (thought, to be honest, any word that takes the word for beers and combines it with laughing will get my seal approval).

Sunday I tackled whether or not the Mets should rebuild for ESPN insider. That was a doozy, because I had so much to say. 1500 words became 1200 became 1000 became 900 just in time for publishing. Cutting those words was difficult.

Thursday I questioned some of Bruce Bochy’s lineup decisions with respect to Brandon Belt in particular. One of the comments was very difficult to deal with. A commenter (rightly) said that I was attacking a straw man — that I didn’t know what Bochy was thinking, and that the general manager and the manager had more information than I did. I’m not comfortable with pleas to authority — we can’t just give everyone the benefit of the doubt because they have more authority than we do — but the fact that I don’t know their motivation and yet commented on it stuck with me for a while. It’s something I can try to avoid, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to avoid it completely. I write about baseball. Even if I had quotes from the manager themselves, I still wouldn’t know why they made the decision they made. So I have to speculate sometimes.

Fridays I write for FanDuel, which has a daily fantasy game. Daily fantasy is so difficult, and writing about is proving to be difficult as well. My ‘beat’ at the Insider is to try and sum up existing research and how it might be applied to predicting the outcome of a game. Two weeks ago it was umpires and pitchers that get the most from the umpires. Last week it was secondary hitting statistics that are steady from year to year. This week? Who knows.

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I write. About baseball, mostly, but also about the anthropology of sports, travel, cooking and sometimes music. But yeah, baseball mostly.
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