Quick Beer Review: Sorachi Ace

On the road for a couple of weeks, so posting might be light. It’s hard to couch surf and get all your writing done without the comforts of your own home and routine.

But you have to challenge yourself to make change happen. And coming out to New York for almost three weeks in order to make connections, get interviews, and push the career boulder up the hill — that’s the challenge in front of me.

That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun along the way.

For example. Sunday was the FanGraphs meetup in New York City, and we had a good group of baseball fans come out to hang and talk sports. On the work front, there was some benefit from making connections with the readers. On the pleasure front, beer.

Amity Hall in New York’s Village has all sorts of great beers on tap. It’s almost overwhelming. Then you hit the bottles in the book, and your eyes glaze over. I was particularly uninspired with my first choice: Harpoon IPA. It’s a decent IPA with some floral notes. Nothing to write a blog post about. The second, Pinkus Unfiltered Organic Alt Beer, was a little better. This dirty alt beer was lager-esque, but had some sweetness and extra taste to it. I love Pinkus in general, and that might be a post for another time.

But then friend Niv Shah ordered a Sorachi Ace from Brooklyn Lager and a light bulb went off. Through the haze of hops and barley I remembered another friend, Joe from Chop N’ Change, telling me to find this beer. That tweet even inspired me to drunkenly run through an IPA festival in California looking for beers with Sorachi hops in them. Little did I know that I was looking for an East Coast beer all along.

Once we found it, it was good. So good. There’s a little ‘sour’ in the Sorachi, in that it almost tastes like a sour beer. But it’s not, it’s still more of an IPA. But it’s a sour beer too. And walking that line, along with well-blended carbonation, gives you that refreshing feeling, all with some layered, different notes of bitterness. What a beer.

So, yeah, life is really tough out here on this trip. You know, trying really hard to find the right beer, covering baseball, all that. Super tough.

About enosarris

I write. About baseball, mostly, but also about the anthropology of sports, travel, cooking and sometimes music. But yeah, baseball mostly.
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