Hungover Sandwich Review

This is either a review of the Hungover Sandwich or a hungover review of a sandwich I had. Naw, this is both.

You know how you just want a greasy egg sandwich when you wake up with an unshakeable hangover? Like, cheese, bacon and runny eggs somehow all brought together by some salty starch. That’s all you want.

Well, Sunday I did not get that sandwich. Instead I got this one, from Madame Claude Cafe in Jersey City/Grove Street:

Smoked Salmon Sandwich
Smoked salmon, egg, mayonnaise, pesto on baguette and Mesclun

It was pretty good. Just check out the picture. Fresh, salty, a little bit creamy, and the baguette was fresh. The eggs provide the softness, the bread a tiny bit of crunch. It reminded me of another hangover favorite in San Francisco, at Cafe du Soleil. They have  salmon on a fresh breakfast roll that’s just smoked salmon and a craime freche type spread with chives in it. And that sandwich was slightly better — I think the chives are very important.

The pesto ratio in his sandwich needs to be upped perhaps. Or maybe a little fresh parsley needs to be inside the sandwich instead of sprinkled lightly on top.

And this is all sandwich-based: I take pride in ignoring wait-staff-related aspects of food reviews because those interactions seem to be wildly variant at the same establishments. So it doesn’t matter that they forgot parts of our order or said completely incomprehensible things like “You got Punk’d” and “I know it’s on Arnold Palmer but tell him here we call it Not on the Menu.”

Back to the sandwich: it needed to feel a tiny bit more healthy though. Some sort of green would pop I bet.

Because this is the kind of sandwich you have when you are hungover and want to improve your life so that you never feel that way again. You know, you start planning to jog more often and drink less often, and lose weight and spend more time with the wife and all that … Not the sandwich you get when you’re hungover and all you want is salt and fat, fried together in some sort of gooey mess because you’re not sure there’s any other way to get through the day.

Both have their places, and both are perfectly fine remedies/attitudes.

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