Bierkraft Sandwich Review


Belinda Carlisle and the Go-Go’s were right. Heaven IS a place earth.

It’s called Bierkraft, and it’s in Prospect Heights in Brooklyn. You get no frills — walk in and you have to make your way through a three-foot wide corridor flanked on both sides by bottled beer from around the world. In the back, you get two separate lines (one for beer, one for sandwiches), and chalkboards for both. Seating is not obvious either.

Frills aren’t the point. Sandwiches and beer are. And they hit it out of the park on both.

I was sneaking in a couple beers before a rehearsal dinner, so I had to keep it in check. What a tap menu!! I only sampled the Kelso Kellerfest from Pennsylvania and the Sly Fox Pale Ale. The Kellerfest wasn’t my favorite — I wanted it to be cleaner or hoppier — but the selection was awesome. I missed the Hitachino Nippponia! I wanted to drink there all day and all night.

The sandwich menu great too. I chose the pastrami-spiced brisket with homemade sauerkraut, arugula, tomato and leyden (some sort of pickled vegetable). What really made it, though, was the grainy mustard that supplied both the creaminess and the spiciness, and did it all with little crunchy mustard seeds. Sweet (pickles), sour (mustard), soft (bread and mustard), hard (spicy brisket) — it was all there.

Of course, the back yard left a little to be desired. It was kind of like eating in a mechanic’s yard in Willets’ Point. But that’s Brooklyn, and it didn’t matter when you could go back and get any one of those excellent beers.

Oh, and on the way out I discovered they are known for their ice cream sandwiches as well. A reason to go back! As if I needed another reason.

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