Pickles Don’t Go With Everything

Ask my wife — by the time I’m done eating a plate of food I’ve tried every combination of every piece of food with every other piece of food. Does this go with that. Does that go on top of this. How about all three things together. It can get a little overwhelming at times.

So I went to the Mayfield Bakery and Cafe in Palo Alto the other day and got the Pulled Chicken, Bacon and Brie sandwich. Here’s the plate:

It was delicious. For one, it was a million times better than the pulled chicken sandwich I had at the Smoke Joint in brooklyn. The chicken was so moist that it was almost a chicken salad. The brie provided the glue, and the bacon and the bread the crunch. Salty, smooth, crunchy, with an aftertaste of brie.

Maybe you know where I’m going with this, though. Those pickles were taunting me, staring at me. They were totally meant to refresh your mouth between slices. But the sirens were calling and I threw a pickle into one half of my slice.

It was terrible. Disgusting. The brie and the pickles… ug.

So yeah, pickles don’t go with everything. Or rather, they don’t go IN everything.

About enosarris

I write. About baseball, mostly, but also about the anthropology of sports, travel, cooking and sometimes music. But yeah, baseball mostly.
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