Theres Something Wrong With Me Curry Egg Sandwich Review

We know I’m a little strange about sandwiches and leftovers. We’ve established that. But it gets worse than preparing leftover portions with your mind, or having rules about leftovers in the fridge — it gets worse. Sometimes I start thinking about the sandwich I’ll make with the leftovers — like actually thinking about preparing and eating them — while I’m still eating the food that will make those leftovers.

There’s something wrong with me, right?

I made this beautiful curry out of the Silver Spoon, an Italian cookbook. It’s actually kinda easy if you have fish stock. Cook an onion, as you do with all good meals. Make a cup of fish stock (or chicken stock), take 2/3 of that cup and put it into the onion when they are see-through. Put some saffron in it (sorry, it’s expensive). Throw some curry powder in. Take the other third of a cup of fish stock and whip an egg yolk into it. Whip that into the sauce.

Not so hard. Delicious.

But the book also told me to boil cod for 15 minutes, so I overcooked the fish. Why boil it even? I think you could broil the cod and drop this sauce on it and it would be better.

Anyway, while I was eating that overcooked cod I actually dreamed this up:

That  was ridiculously good. One of the last heirloom tomatoes out of our yard on top of toasted wheat with a runny-yolk fried egg… and that fish-stock curry sauce.

So yeah two thumbs up for the sandwich and the sauce, two thumbs down for the cook and his leftover/sandwich obsessions. Wierdo.


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