Bad Beer Good Friends Beer Review

At the Warriors game on Monday night (they lost), I asked the following of my twitter followers:

So that tweet didn’t go over well. One person, in particular, well…

Yeah, well, that’s not going to work for me. I like beer too much. I want to talk about it. I want to brew it it. I want to drink it. I want to hear what other people are drinking. I want to hear if other people like or don’t like the beer I’m drinking. So, maybe I need to have one less follower, or someone needs to ignore my night-time beer tweets.

This next one got me though, from friend and excellent journalist King Kaufman:

Gah. Yup. In particular, I remember a day when Sierra Nevada opened my mind to the possibility that there could be better beers than the malt liquor, Red Stripe and Sam Adams I had soiffed in high school. Once upon a time, Sierra Nevada was my craft beer.

When I was a social manager in college, I always bought a keg of Sierra Nevada and then a keg of something a little more interesting, though, so I’ve been on a slippery slope ever since. And really, is this about Sierra Nevada or is it about priorities?

If I had said “Is there a better beer than Sierra Nevada in this BevMo?” the beer suggestions would have rolled in. Since my context was “at the Warriors game,” it came off as snobby. Sure, there might have been a craft beer stand somewhere in the arena, but that wasn’t the point. Sierra Nevada is good enough when you’re hanging out with a good friend at the ball game. He’s right.

Of course, earlier that night I had sampled a Leipziger Gose — a sour-type beer from Germany that was so refined, so nuanced, and mind-blowingly good — at the Trappist in Oakland, so maybe my mind was set incorrectly. The Trappist will screw you up for months, their beer selection is that good. Which of course makes it a must-visit for you beer lovers out there.

But the day before, I had also gone to the 49ers game and tailgated. I had some Lagunitas IPA with me, but the day quickly descended into Budweiser. And, to my credit, I didn’t tweet about what a disgusting swill of mouth-crap that beer is — I drank it and had an amazing time… at least until the 49ers lost in overtime on a muffed kickoff return.

Point is, I love beer. But I love friends more. Sometimes I’ll just have to grin and shake that beer down my gullet, because the beer is not always the point.

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4 Responses to Bad Beer Good Friends Beer Review

  1. Kyle says:

    I’ll have to look out for the Leipziger. My wife and I have been loving sour beers lately. We were able to have some Duchesse De Bourgogne last night. It was very solid, but we’re both in love with the New Belgium La Folie and waiting for a local spot to get that shite on tap so we can blow all our money.

  2. ceetarCeetar says:

    ahh yes, but that doesn’t mean to not search! If you don’t acquire about better beer at your location, better beer will not get drank. And if it doesn’t get drank, they’ll stop serving it. So while you can get by just fine with other beer, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the option.

    Also, big advertising contracts/deals often push craft beers out of the ‘main’ areas. (see: the removal of Brooklyn Beer from Citi Field) So inquiring where it might be hiding is always good.

    (I prefer Beer Geek to Beer Snob)

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