On the Wrong Side of Consensus Beer Review

Yesterday was the day of blends even though it started at Lagunitas night at the Rose and Crown (the Fusion 7 was pretty good). First was a after-pour blend of Kriek Lambic and Gueuze Sour, which I liked but got me some ‘you’re not a man’ looks. Later on (after my first sips of my pilsener, brewed on a friend’s system) we mixed my buddies’ Hops on Toast with their Robust Porter for something that tasted like Ballast Point’s Black Eye (a mix of Black Marlin Imperial Porter and their Big Eye IPA) — that was delicious. Then we had a blend of Three Floyds and Mikkeler beers (among others) that was a bit much for me.

Perhaps the best beer of the night had me on the wrong side of consensus, however. We were blessed with a bottle of the Firestone Walker vertical XV. I’ve had the XV before and didn’t fall in love despite the long list of great beers that are in the thing.

This time, about the same. Good beer, but I only want about a shot glass full. It was so much — hits on about a million different tastes and is sweet and bitter and like a ‘blowjob with teeth’ as I put it… or I also remember a guy from prep school talking about his dream, getting a blow job while on the shitter with a dip in and a beer on the side. Just too much — focus on one aspect of the beer and you’d be much better off. I’d tell my prep school friend that as well — who wants to be taking a crap during a blow job anyway.

Like minutes after we had it, we had some Parabola from Firestone Walker. That beer is IN the XV. I liked it better. It had one point and made it. Well.

Two lessons for me from the night, despite the ridicule I endured for not liking the consensus favorite as much as everyone else:

1) Like what you like, period.

2) Not every blend is as much as or more than the sum of its’ parts.

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