Debased Ball

Finally back in California after my travels, and so… tired… No excuses. I hope to get a sandwich review of my trip up this week, including two great sandwiches, but in the meantime, some baseball:

We’re doing positional rankings at FanGraphs, so I got third base. This was a ton of work, and of course nobody is happy with the results. Still, it kind of helps see how the whole of a position can change how a team is ranked, as opposed to just the star. For example, the Braves have an old man at third base in Chipper Jones, but they probably have the best backup third baseman in the league in Martin Prado. So, as a whole, they did fairly well in the rankings.

Then, today, we got a first look at Yu Darvish playing MLB baseball. His first spring outing was a resounding success, with 95 MPH fastballs and all sorts of movement on his many pitches.

For the fantasy heads, we are rolling out our consensus rankings position by position at FanGraphs. Just hit the ‘rankings’ tag and you’ll get all the most recent ranks.

Mets fans? Just some depressing wading through consensus projections over the last couple of weeks. It was nice to see Johan Santana pitch in spring ball, too — he hit 88, 89 on the gun though, and that’s a little sad. He’s been on a decline for a while, but, as people pointed out, he did okay in 2010 with an 89.6 MPH average fastball. So maybe he’ll be okay. But velocity actually stabilizes pretty quickly, so don’t add 2-4 MPH on to what he did before and expect him to regain pre-201o form. He’s not the same any more, and he won’t be. Chien-Ming Wang had the same surgery and is a full year more removed and hasn’t gotten any better.

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I write. About baseball, mostly, but also about the anthropology of sports, travel, cooking and sometimes music. But yeah, baseball mostly.
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  1. Eric Altman says:

    Can I take you out for a drink? We need to talk fantasy this week before my draft? Beers are on me anywhere you want in the greater south bay area… Any time this week?

    -Eric Altman

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