Two Sandwiches (Ago) in New York City Sandwich Review

For a while there in New York, I was working above Chelsea Market. It was a fine place to work — you can get all the $15 sandwiches you can handle at Hale & Hearty and any of the four bakeries downstairs.

Snark aside, I did manage to partake. But the one sandwich that I was waiting all week to eat was a disappointment:

Yeah, I love a lobster roll. And the lobster on this was okay, and the seasoning was fine. But you know what can kill a lobster roll? It’s right there in the name — the roll. This was a crusty, hard, nasty roll. Sorry, guys at The Lobster Place. I mean, it was okay, but a good roll for a lobster roll should be light and fluffy and buttery and beautiful, should it not? I won’t pretend to know everything about this delicacy — I had my first on the streets of Portsmouth, New Hampshire just two years ago — but I’ve developed a theory that the roll is as important as the lobster, and I’m sticking with it. And yes, that first one from the street was awesome (and still $15).

The next sandwich was worth calling ahead and waiting in line for. Bowery Eats in the back of the Bowery Kitchen Supplies store has an amazing sandwich menu, and you’ll find something you like in, for sure. My choice:

Was I going to eat anything other than the Juan Manuel? Chicken, prosciutto, munster cheese, lettuce, tomato & mayo on a hero — it’s not ground-breaking, but it hit all the right notes. A little bit of crunch on the roll, then soft, sweet white bread, salty prosciutto and chesee-covered chicken, finished with a spicy mayo, tomato, and lettuce on the other side.

Kinda made me remember that New York is the king of the sandwich. Is there any other city that boasts the same depth and breadth of history of cultures that all love to put their protein between two pieces of bread?

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