Baby Baseball

Sometimes I get a little impatient. I just want the little guy to start talking, and maybe throwing a ball around. Then I have to remember he’ll only be a newborn for so long and I should stay in the moment.

While the poop and pee rained down, I still managed to write a little.

Yesterday I wrote about the Evan Longoria injury and what it might mean for the Rays. It’s tempting to say it’s huge — he’s their best position player — but if you think about a roster in more macro terms, it’s easy to see how a team could ‘fake it’ for a month and be okay. The math seems to say that the Rays still have a chance if he’s out one month, but that it gets real dicey after two months.

I also wrote about Dean Stotz, an assistant coach at Stanford. He is the ‘dean of stats’ for the Stanford baseball team, and it was great to talk to him. He gave me real insight on what it is like to use statistics more as a teaching tool then anything.

For fantasy, I finally wrote about Lucas Duda, and how a good week made me a look a little better for touting him. I also wrote a pair of posts about Bryce Harper — one about leaving him on the wire in non-keeper leagues, and one about how Mike Trout might be a better bet for this season alone. Then Harper continued to rake. Sigh.

Two posts for NotGraphs encapsulated my emotional responses this week. One beat writer said something that so infuriated me that I had to post about it. Then, during the Giants game Tuesday, something funny that the broadcast team saw and said made me proud to be listening to them. (Hint: it involves a horse drinking.) I also wrote a beer review about Citi Field. It was a little negative, but in retrospect, there are a few decent beers in that park. Maybe PetCo Park ruined me.

Last but not least, the Phillies and Braves played a wild and crazy game today. FanGraphs has a stat that shows the probability that one team wins the game, and they chart it for each game. Check out the wild swings in the game today (that last one was the game-winning home run from old man Chipper Jones):
Source: FanGraphs

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