A Fantasy Beer Trade

I’m now getting into trading beers — national distribution of craft beers is not always up to snuff, and I’ve got a lot to offer here in California. The first trade didn’t go well, but I asked for it:

My 21st Amendment Allies Win the War Ale and Brew Free or Die IPA
for her
Big Hurt Beer.

The Big Hurt Beer was so bad I had to question my admiration for Frank Thomas, while the Allies Win the War Ale had a nice dried fruit taste to it and 21A makes a good pale ale. Then again, Big Hurt Beer was never going to make it to California, and the novelty of it all was kind of fun. Call this a needs trade. I overpaid, but I needed the beer.

My Firestone Walker Parabola Russian Imperial Stout, Green Flash West Coast IPA, and Ballast Point Victory at Sea Imperial Stout
for his
Three Floyds’ Arctic Panzer Wolf Imperial IPA, Robert the Bruce Scottish Ale, and Alpha King Pale Ale.

This was  a big-boy trade. All of these beers are top-notch, and if you can try em, try em. Robert the Bruce might be my favorite brown ale now, the Arctic Panzer and Green Flash IPA are on the level with each other, and anything from Ballast Point makes me happy. I don’t usually do trades like this in fantasy, where I’m trying to buy low, but in a beer trade I want both sides to leave happy. He gets a limited release crazy beer from Firestone Walker, I get some Three Floyds.

I look forward to more trades in the future.

About enosarris

I write. About baseball, mostly, but also about the anthropology of sports, travel, cooking and sometimes music. But yeah, baseball mostly.
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3 Responses to A Fantasy Beer Trade

  1. Frediot says:

    Oh man, really excited now! ❤ Eno!

  2. Ajay says:

    How do you package and ship these beers?

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