Congratulations to the Mets

It’s a hard thing to never have something the other teams had. Whether it’s a championship, or a no-no, it’s great to put a one up where there was once a zero. Congratulations to Johan Santana, who threw a career-high 134 pitches to no-hit the Cardinals Friday night. It was the first no-hitter for the franchise since the Mets were born in 1962. 8,020 games. Aces came and went. No no-no’s.

We keep WPA graphs that show the swings in win percentage, and this game looked boring by WPA. It wasn’t. Santana was gassed, he struggled with his control, and hit a career-high pitch count. He was tired. But the tension mounted, even as the game became more decided by the inning, as you can see by the flatline.

Source: FanGraphs

Friend Craig Glaser wrote a guest post at Baseball Prospectus that was the best thing I read about it going in. He broke the curse with math — he inspected the situation with exactness, and once the absurdity and yet normalcy of the Mets’ streak was revealed, a no-hitter was inevitable. Well, he also calculates an expected number of no-hitters in the Mets history, which is fun. Now they have one! Thanks to math.

Hey, if people can have their superstitions about saying ‘no-hitter’ in the middle of a no-hitter, then I can have my superstitions about math beating the curse.

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