Back Home Base Ball

I promise I’ll write something about beer in Hawaii. In the meantime, here’s the work of the week, my first full week at home in a while.

In real baseball, I recapped the Anibal Sanchez trade from the Tigers’ perspective, but I had a little more fun making cheese puns in the Justin Ruggiano post in which I examine late breakouts (hint: it doesn’t look great for him). Jordany “Jordan-Like” Valdespin got a brusque check-up for Amazin Avenue, and I don’t love him, but the crowd says he’s better than Lucas Duda, and so that’s that.

In barely baseball, I found out that someone is circulating a petition to get better beer in Dodger Stadium, which is something I can get behind. Last chance to submit a GIF for the Tim Lincecum watch!

For Roto, I wrote a little about the Marlins’ new third baseman, Donovan Solano, and also recapped all the trades in my FanGraphs Experts League (including many by yours truly), but the ‘big’ story of the week was Lucas Duda‘s demotion. Since he was a tout of mine, I had to do a pre-post-mortem to figure out what I should learn from him.

I also examined strikeouts from relievers for Getting Blanked for my Roto-Relevant Research column. Expect the results from that piece to show up in my RotoWorld Saves and Steals article next week — relievers are striking out batters at record rates.

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I write. About baseball, mostly, but also about the anthropology of sports, travel, cooking and sometimes music. But yeah, baseball mostly.
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