Short But Sweet Week Base Ball

Well, next week is the short week, but people peace out today, so we’ll see. If you’re reading this before 12:15 ET, why don’t you stop on by at FanGraphs to chat baseball with me? I might be feeling alone with the long weekend approaching.

Even if it was short, it was sweet. I revisited the Orioles/cutter thing, and couldn’t find evidence that cutters lead to fastball velocity. If you delve in deeper, there are some interesting caveats, but that’s “the tweet,” as Will Leitch put it on the new sports site SportsOnEarth. There are probably two cutters, but if neither cutter leads to fastball velocity drop in major league starters, it seems like a stretch to say that young players would suffer that fate. It was nice of Keith Law to say kind words of the piece in his chat on ESPN, and I also agree with him: corn is best grilled with mayo/aoili and chili powder or paprika.

For fantasy, I gave my early opinions on the Dodgers trade that sent all the overpriced Red Sox to Los Angeles. Then I found an interesting comp for Alex Gordon that might make you think about his fantasy future. Then Casey Kelly debuted for the Padres and I tried to link stats from his debut to the scouting reports going up. For The Score, I looked into the new stats on FanGraphs and how they might be used for fantasy.

For an idea I have going forward, I asked people what a stat-friendly, saber-savvy team would look like on the field. I’d still appreciate input on the subject. And then I just straight up stole texts that my cousin Greg has sent me from games for a post. People seem to like his sense of humor.

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I write. About baseball, mostly, but also about the anthropology of sports, travel, cooking and sometimes music. But yeah, baseball mostly.
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