Beer Food Weekend

This weekend has been food weekend. First it was home-made bourbon bbq sauce with grilled short ribs, asparagus and from-scratch baked beans and cornbread. Saturday it was my mother-in-law with roasted pork chops and bacon-braised peaches. Today it was oysters, specialty sausages, grilled corn with cotija and chili powder, watermelon arugula salad and my guac with chips.

But, really the weekend has been about beer too:

Aroma Coma from Drake’s
Becoming one of my top three in the category, on par with Green Flash West Coast IPA, maybe even better. Just really nicely balanced with a great smell, really drinkable even for those that aren’t the biggest IPA fans. The best IPAs are a great mix of sweet, bitter, effervescent and dank. The very best get it so right (think Bell’s Two-Hearted) that it doesn’t really matter what type of beer it is. People were hiding this beer in my local store, I’m pretty sure. Had to dig it out from behind other beers. Drake’s is 20 minutes from here, across the Dumbarton. I will have more Aroma Coma.

Lucky Hand Black Lager
I’m surprised to see this doesn’t get better ratings on Beer Advocate. Sure, it’s no Koestrizter, but it’s a good representation of it’s category. I enjoy it and I’ll enjoy it again, even if the aftertaste isn’t as smooth as some black lagers or as smoky as the others.

Edelstoff Lager from Augustiner-Brau Wagner
I probably pissed some people off, but I tweeted about this one that some people need to know that there are good lagers and pilsners in this world. Had a few too many craft heads wrinkle their nose at my Pinkus Unfiltered Organic Pilsner, or my Victory Prima Pils — twitter added Ninkasi Ice 9 and Scrimshaw and Lagunitas Pils. Point is, every type of beer has a beer that transcends it’s genre. This is probably one of them, or at least it perfectly encapsulates the genre. Smooth, crisp and refreshing.

Petit Obscura from Telegraph Brewing
This is a big small beer  — a small beer is a beer made off the second runnings of a mash, and is usually lighter and less alcoholic. Since it has both Brettanomyces and Lactobacillu, the PO has the full backing of the Belgian world. But it’s a small brewed off the back of a rye barleywine and has hints of its parent beer. So imagine those tastes in a lighter, more saison-y beer. Really excellent.

Tartuffe Berliner Weiss-Bier by Heretic Brewing
This beer was made without a boil. Straight from the mash means a lighter taste and a lower alcoholic content. There are still a ton of tastes in this beer. It’s not really a white/hefe style beer, it tastes a little more like a sour… except that it’s too light to be a sour. It ends up being a drinkable, during-the-day Saturday version of a sour. Recommended.

Seizoen Bretta by Logsdon Farmhouse Ales
This was the crispiest of the saison-style beers of the weekend. Only Brett. Very tasty.

Maiden the Shade American IPA by Ninkasi
Ninkasi usually means a sock in the face with a ton of hops — Total Domination and Tricerahops come to mind — but this one is more restrained. And all this while still using seven different kinds of hops. It may not separate itself from the pack starkly, but it was very enjoyable and I’d get it again.

So yeah that was a good food weekend, but it was a damn fine beer weekend too.

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1 Response to Beer Food Weekend

  1. Frediot says:

    Sounds awesome dude! I’m in NYC now, so let me know if there’s anything in particular you’d like to try from the east coast!

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