Mets and Giants Baseball Week

Put out a little Mets content this week, which was fun. I went back to my CRG source and found out that the turnaround consultants were gone and that the Mets had submitted CRG’s audit to banks back in February. I run through the different possible meanings of the news, but I have to think it’s positive. The bankruptcy consultants are gone, after all. The negative reading, which I don’t cover, is that the audit was incomplete (it didn’t have some private information from the owners that CRG requested) and that it was merely submitted to help sell minority shares, that that infusion of cash is already one, and that the team is just as much in trouble as it was before. Again, though, I’ll stick with my reading: the bankruptcy dudes are gone, and there’s a chance for the current ownership to right the ship as they say.

I also had a sad post, about Shannon Forde in the Mets’ PR department, who has stage IV breast cancer and faces a tough fight. Shannon was always incredibly decent to this inexperienced writer, and I appreciate that. There’s a mini-story in that piece about how she helped me in an embarrassing time.

Last was just a recap, but it was a recap of Dickey’s 20th win, and so I used the opportunity to  check out Dickey’s chances at the Cy Young. I like em.

I’m finally getting calls back from front office people, which is nice. One call back led to this piece about how the Giants are surprisingly stat-savvy. Not everyone ‘bought’ my evidence, but I’ll reassert that having platoons or switch-hitters at every position — including, and especially, closer — is a forward-thinking philosophy. They also seem to evaluate defense well, which is a tough one in saber-circles. And in that piece, Giants VP Bobby Evans admits that maybe they strayed away from on-base percentage a little, which was cool to hear a Giants’ VP say.

In fantasy news, I wrote a screed against head-to-head formats. That jarred a lot of emotions loose from the commentariat, so I’ll count it a success. I also wrote up some recent research on errors, but couldn’t quite make it fantasy-relevant.

On the ‘fun’ side, I started a new series at NotGraphs (FanGraphs Author or Baseball Person), and also spotted the craziest, funnest baseball clip I’ve seen in a while — The Phantom Grand Slam.

And lastly — come drink with me and a former scout and some great authors at the San Francisco FanGraphs Meetup on Friday October 5th at the 21st Amendment in SOMA!

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