Post Season Base Ball

It’s the post season and I’m in transition from heavy fantasy work load to longer-term projects, annuals, offseason preparation for next year. Or at least that’s what I tell myself. Somehow, I haven’t managed to start preparing for those projects just yet.

In the meantime, enjoy my piece about the newest Japanese player who’s ready to come to America: Shohei Otani. What’s most interesting about this player — and that’s saying something, since he reportedly hit 99 on the gun — is that he’s a highly-recruited high school prospect that’s supposedly choosing America over Japan. This might start something between NPB (Japan’s league) and MLB. Which I welcome, because the posting system could use some shaking up.

Last week I imagined an Alex Rodriguez trade. The Yankee slugger looks like he might be the scapegoat in New York and be run out of town this offseason. The problem is that he’s 37 and owed $114m over the next five years. So I tried to figure out how much they’d have to swallow to trade him.

Now that game six is in the books, I can say I might have been wrong. Chris Carpenter is not the same pitcher he was before his most recent surgery, so that part followed the script. I thought it was a lack of bite on his curveball that was doing him in, but then in game six, his curve looked fine, he threw it a ton, and he still got shellacked by the Giants anyway. Baseball is difficult.

My dad and I took in a playoff game in Oakland and I thought it was pretty much like the New Pornographers had it: “Magical… out from blown speakers.

And then finally in beer and baseball: The Hillsboro Hops inspired me to name some other teams with baseball names. Maybe the Jasper Jugs was a bad idea.

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I write. About baseball, mostly, but also about the anthropology of sports, travel, cooking and sometimes music. But yeah, baseball mostly.
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