Congratulations Base Ball

Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants for winning their second world championship in three years. There are a lot of players to be happy for, but many of them either tasted glory before or were new to the team. Barry Zito, on the other hand, fits neither of those descriptions — he was left off the postseason roster in 2010 and was crucial to the victory this year. So congratulations especially to Barry Zito! Here’s Angel Pagan doing a celebratory 360 heel flip at the skate park with Timmeh.

My dad sent me to gave five in 2002 with his ticket. I couldn’t believe it and tried to give it back repeatedly, but then I went and had a grand old time. Thanks to FanGraphs and the BBWAA, I was able to repay that kindness with tickets to game two. Even if they weren’t as good as the ticket he gave me, we had a ton of fun:

You remember when Hunter Pence hit the ball three times on one swing? Turns out, it might have been illegal. I took a look at the legality of the situation, without really touching too much on the utter insanity of the situation.

And after Barry Zito pitched two gems in the postseason, it was fair to try and value his contributions to date. After you tally it all up, you get a number that’s still not worth the $99 million that they’ve paid him, but it’s probably not the worst contract in the business any more either. So more Barry love! Sort of!

I also took a look at Adrian Beltre, specifically looking for signs of decline, and found one. Sort of! Last week, it was Allen Craig that got the treatment, and I was surprised at what I found in his power numbers.

And last but not least, I wrote about the Mets a couple of times. David Wright is either going to sign an extension or be traded, most likely, so I tried to see what past deals and future talent projections had to say about the third baseman. (My number: six years, $115 million tacked onto the existing 1/$16m option). And there’s a Melky Cabrera to the Mets rumor going around, so I gave it my blessing.

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