Troll Base Ball

The most difficult part of any baseball argument is matching tone. A respectful but wrong argument should still be met with respect, even if it’s wrong. A terrible argument brought on with an attacking tone, well that deserves a response in kind. All of this thinking — spurred by the American League Most Valuable Player argument (I think it was Mike Trout) spurred me to write about what baseball arguments have meant to me over the course of my life. The good news is that I have one buyer for my autobiography.

Maybe I messed this up when I defended the Marlins owner, Jeffrey Loria. Because his tone has been terrible. His methods have been odious. I hate the man. But I have to respect that he has met most of the goals of a successful company, and even has something to teach other teams in baseball.

I did pub some research this week. If you like a tall baseball player, you won’t like how tall players age. Especially when it comes to strikeouts. Sorry Corey Hart.

The Mets’ world blew up a little this week. I was near the computer and ended up writing a lot of short pops about them. Like when a guy tweeted his source said the team was broke and the owners had two years before they were out, I was right there. (Then he retracted, to some extent, but that idea is still out there and it’s a definite possibility.) And when the details about the Jason Bay release came clear — looks like $6 million next year, $15 million over the next two, giving the Mets another $12 million to play with (perhaps) — I was there.

And then R.A. Dickey went and won the Cy Young, which made me very happy.

And it was catcher week on RotoGraphs. So I did Jordan Pacheco (things have to break right for playing time next season), A.J. Ellis (too old to believe the power breakout), and then I pubbed an xBABIP spreadsheet for 2012.

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I write. About baseball, mostly, but also about the anthropology of sports, travel, cooking and sometimes music. But yeah, baseball mostly.
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