Dynasty League Announcements

Let’s announce things here for the B2D Dynasty League!

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I write. About baseball, mostly, but also about the anthropology of sports, travel, cooking and sometimes music. But yeah, baseball mostly.
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13 Responses to Dynasty League Announcements

  1. Will Dickeson says:

    Trade Announcement:

    Santiago superStarrs and Halifax Hitment:

    To Halifax:
    Danny Hultzen
    Mason Williams

    To Santiago:
    Josh Johnson
    Zack Lee

  2. Will Dickeson says:

    Trade announcements:

    a pair of them:

    Both with Gord.


    To Gord: Josh Johnson Mason Williams

    To Will: Brian McCann Numb 3rd (2014) Gord’s 2015 2nd round prospect pick


    To Will: Zach Wheeler Gord’s 1st (2015) Gord’s 3rd (2015)

    To Gord: Matt Moore superStarrs 3rd rounder (2014) Numbs 3rd (2014)

  3. Gordon says:

    To Hitmen
    Christian Yelich
    Carlos Santana

    To Santiago
    The rights to Alex Reyes
    The rights to Orlando Arcia
    Paul Birds second round prospect pick 2016

    I agree to the deal

  4. Gordon MacDonald says:

    To Hitmen:

    Buster Posey
    Eno third round prospect pick 2016

    To Eno
    Jorge Soler
    the rights to Jeff Hoffman
    the rights to Matt Olsen

    I agree to the deal

  5. Gordon MacDonald says:

    To Eno
    Jorge Solar
    The rights to Matt Olsen
    The rights to Jeff Hoffman

  6. Gordon MacDonald says:

    To Santiago
    Buster Posey
    Eno 3rd round prospect 2016

    To Hitmen
    Zach Wheeler
    Santiago 1st round pick 2016


  7. Gordon says:

    To Santiago
    Hitmen 3rd round prospect pick 2016
    The rights to Hector Olivera

    To Hitmen
    Aaron Sanchez,

    I agree to the deal

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