Base Ball King

Just a moment to recognize the dignity of the non-violent approach Martin Luther King espoused. Not many have taken up the mantle to bring those ideas into our government today. Just look at our policies, domestic and international — there need to be more Ghandis and Kings in our world.

Change is almost impossible, though. The Hall of Fame voters looked at a ballot full of some of the best players of all time and decided none of them were worthy. Even with voters that haven’t covered baseball in years, and voters that are admitting to voting based on suspicion alone, and with issues on the battle that have never been there before — even then, leadership says no change is needed in the voting process. So no change is what we’ll get.

The Cardinals have been successful and haven’t changed their approach much. That has led to wins, but also the fourth-oldest debut age since 2000. Why are their debuts old? Probably because of their draft slot, but maybe also because of their draft philosophy.

Finally, I took baseball nerdery to the streets this week. First, I thought about concerts from the perspective of a sabermetric baseball nerd. If you’ve ever thought there should be a wTOI+ metric (weight toilet points above average), that post is for you.

But if you’ve ever enjoyed a beer, you might like part two of that piece, where I created a sabermetric-style stat for beer — Beers Above Replacement, or BAR. This will lead to BAR/$ and more sabeermetric analysis for sure. In further posts I hope to refine it, but the idea that there are replacement beers and then general tiers above them fits the BAR metric well. You have your zero-to-two win beers and players, which offer value but aren’t average major league beers. Then you have your two-to-four win ‘pleasant’ beers. Four-to-six win beers are all-stars. And when you put an all-star on cask, or on tap at a great bar, or on a hot day — then you get to the singular performances, the ten-win Mike Trout type seasons. I’ll keep working on it.

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I write. About baseball, mostly, but also about the anthropology of sports, travel, cooking and sometimes music. But yeah, baseball mostly.
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