Season Get Here Already Base Ball

Hopefully this comes across the right way — I wrote the best piece of my baseball writing career this week, and I’m pretty proud of it. I can do better, and it’s not changing anyone’s life, but I do think it’s a blueprint that I’ll follow in the upcoming year as I interview baseball players. Not all of them will be as cool as Joey Votto, who talked with me for a long time about the science of hitting for power and average. Some will pants me. Some have already given me the million-mile stare. It’s okay! If I turn one of these out every once in a while, it’s okay. You might recognize the approach as the same I took with Ryan Vogelsong, Sergio Romo, George Kontos and Brandon Belt at San Francisco Giants’ Media Day.

The Brewers signed Carlos Gomez to an extension and I like it. Looks like one of those things that should work out even if the player regresses from his peak performance. In other words, should Carlos Gomez not show the same power that he showed last year, the deal will be fine. If he continues to mash the ball and play great defense in center, the deal will be great .

We finally got the redesign done at RotoGraphs, so now all your draft resources for fantasy baseball are easy to find. If you’re looking for a list of ‘my sleepers,’ this is so far my best list. Next week I’ll do some bold predictions that will also have my sleepers on it. And then I’ll probably do a list of players that ended up on the most of my teams. If you want a one-stop shopping, easy fantasy baseball strategy read, I did a ‘draft kit’ piece for Sports on Earth that was on for a bit, which is fun because I edited for once upon a time. I also used my Votto research to find good bets for power and batting average at Getting Blanked this week.

A friend sent me a picture of old-timey baseball guys in high socks. But, other than the underwear ads in the back, the most interesting thing was the call for civility because ladies were present. Someone found the full text of the billboard and posted it in the comments section. That was a fun little interlude.

Speaking of interludes, I chat about baseball on FanGraphs every Thursday at noon. Come on by!

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