New Season Base Ball

It’s the new season and yet it’s just another season. That sounds wrong. It’s a new season, and so you get all the ups that come with it. But it’s also life, being cyclical. In that honor I had two beers — one that I had enjoyed before, and one that I had never had before.

The first emphasized the cyclical nature of sport well. Stone‘s Enjoy By 4/1/13 has a date on it even. You’re supposed to reach for the next one once the expiration date has passed. But man, it benefits from fresh hops. Hops is a preservative, and it dies out. By making you drink it fresh, Stone is making sure you get the right taste. It’s the same kind of idea behind the limited release of Pliny the Younger by Russian River. You can get Enjoy By easier though, and if you spot it, buy it and drink it.

The second beer was new, a fresh beginning. I don’t love Deschutes‘ beers, but their seasonal stout Black Butte XXIV is good enough, though pricy, and I loved their Obsidian Stout — on nitro cask at my local, so full of park effects. Their Red Chair NWPA does not need park effects to be enjoyed. It reminds me of another great IPA — Lagunitas Sucks. If you can get your hands on a Red Chair, do. It’s not even a big-hops triple-IPA monster. It’s fresh, it’s clean, it’s sweet, and it’s just bitter enough to make the package work.

I’ve been hard at work since we last hung out.

After sitting behind home plate for three innings of a spring game, I had plenty of reasons to be skeptical of the stats that the game had provided. So I wrote them up — mostly about how Jarrod Parker was approaching that game, and maybe his bad results weren’t such a big deal. Of course, Parker had a bad debut against the Mariners tonight. Just one game.

Then I was looking at Domonic Brown because I had drafted him way too many times and wanted to see if the cheap outfielder with power and speed could do anything at the plate this year, finally. Turns out his swing is like night and day from last year. That makes me like him more this year, because what he was doing last year was not working.

My first day at the ballpark did not go swimmingly. I was a rookie and I showed it. I didn’t do my best. But thankfully Sean Doolittle was gracious enough to talk to me for a while about pitching and how he mostly just uses one pitch — but makes it work. Makes me want to find a way to quantify deception. Just how useful is something like the glove waggle Ryan Dempster does? It has to show somewhere.

My friend in marketing asked me about fan stereotypes. I asked my coworkers, and my coworker in marketing told me about Google Correlate, where you can find search terms correlated with your search term. In other words. Atlanta Braves fans want to know about crawdads. I might not have helped my original friend out much, but it was fun.

On the fantasy side, I showed my sleepers, found pitchers that can elicit pop-ups, made my 10 Bold Predictions, talked about why young guys are often a bad bet in yearly leagues… and made what was perhaps a dud of an April Fool’s post. Win some, lose some.

Happy new season!

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I write. About baseball, mostly, but also about the anthropology of sports, travel, cooking and sometimes music. But yeah, baseball mostly.
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