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Much More Than Content: AleSmith Beer Review

Met a fellow writer, Alan Harrison of the Fantasy Fix (and also RotoGraphs) for a few tasters at the AleSmith brewery, and we agreed: even the worst times we’ve had provide content. The worst baseball players, the worst baseball games, … Continue reading

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Nashville Beer

Since I was stuck in a hotel for most of my trip to Nashville for the Winter Meetings, I didn’t get a real sense of home-grown Nashville craft beer options. Too many times I ended up with a Sierra Nevada … Continue reading

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Coffee Beer

I don’t drink caffeine. Mostly because it gives me a nauseous feeling, but it also screws with my sleep and even my emotions. I thought having an infant son would change that, but it hasn’t… yet. Love the smell, like … Continue reading

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Post Season Base Ball

It’s the post season and I’m in transition from heavy fantasy work load to longer-term projects, annuals, offseason preparation for next year. Or at least that’s what I tell myself. Somehow, I haven’t managed to start preparing for those projects … Continue reading

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Beer of the Weak

Can you tell a brewer by his beer? It’s a complicated question. Easy when you love everything from a company — Ballast Point can do no wrong with me. Even their worst (the smoked lager?) tastes like a slight over-reach … Continue reading

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A Beer Tour for Friends Who Aren’t Beer Snobs

Friend had a birthday, so I brought him over a beer tour that I thought would work for people who liked beer to any sort of depth. I think I was right, to an extent. 1) Saison Dupont I write … Continue reading

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Beer for Life

Looks like I liked beer from day one. At least my tastes have improved.

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Top Ten IPA List (Sort Of)

Tried to take it a little easy this weekend — had a little too much fun at the Rose and Crown Thursday night with Racer Five off the cask. There’s something about the cask that I really love. I didn’t … Continue reading

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Beer Food Weekend

This weekend has been food weekend. First it was home-made bourbon bbq sauce with grilled short ribs, asparagus and from-scratch baked beans and cornbread. Saturday it was my mother-in-law with roasted pork chops and bacon-braised peaches. Today it was oysters, … Continue reading

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Beer Drinking Speed, Ideal Beer

Here’s a chart that can help you find your ideal beer. I would suggest only a line representing age, that heads from the right of the chart to the left. From Sticky Comics via I Love Charts.

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