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Introducing the bBLT

Sometimes I feel like a BLT, even with the tomatoes and mayo and mustard (yes I put mustard on mine), can get a little dusty. It’s a lot of bread and only bacon as the meat. I came up with … Continue reading

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Family, Family, Family (Book) Turkey Sandwich Review

Took the week off to have Turkey Day with the family, as everyone did. Turned out, the best moments weren’t with the family, but on my own. That’s okay, it still came down to family in the end. Of course … Continue reading

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Incorporate Leftovers Sandwich Review

I’ve been asked this before, so don’t laugh when I pass on a question I got in a chat recently: How can I spice up my sandwiches? It seems like such a natural thing to me, it’s hard to say. … Continue reading

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Maybe You Think I’m Gross Too Sandwich Review

We’ve already covered the fact that I have a problem with leftovers. I think I also have a sweet and salty problem. I like em both. At the same time. I know one friend of mine shares this problem, so … Continue reading

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Pacman Heirloom Tomato Makeout Session

Oh, and that kale pesto has made my last three sandwiches so much better. It pays to have pesto on hand.

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Pickles Don’t Go With Everything

Ask my wife — by the time I’m done eating a plate of food I’ve tried every combination of every piece of food with every other piece of food. Does this go with that. Does that go on top of … Continue reading

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Kale Pesto Grilled Cheese Sandwich Review

Had some kale in the house, but didn’t want to try the typical lemon and garlic boil and fry that I keep finding when I search for recipes online. So last night I put together a pesto with the kale … Continue reading

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