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Classic Cat

With the ‘deal with it’ glasses: [Twin Hurt]

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RIP Lucian Freud

His paintings were almost too true.

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Nerd Photobombing

Community actor Ken Jeong is great on the show. Apparently, he’s even funny while on vacation from being funny. Yeah, that’s him photobombing a fashion shoot. [GQ]

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Pretty Sure I Know This Person

Well, that is to say, I know the photographer, Barnett Cohen. And I think I know the subject. Would you be able to tell if you knew this person?

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Green Nebula

Beautiful! [NASA]

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Samuel Jackson Reading the Best Children’s Book Ever?

The best ‘fuckster’ ever reads Go the Fuck to Sleep for Audible. [kottke]

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Christina Stoll

I like this photography from Brooklyn/Berlin. That is all.

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X-Ray Art

Is pretty sweet. [Neatorama]

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