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BeerGraphs Is Here Base Ball

After precious little sleep Thursday night, co-founder Matt Dennewitz and I pressed go on BeerGraphs Friday. Hoping to use big data to say big things about beer, we’re set to go on a statistical journey into the heart of suds. … Continue reading

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Any Day Now Beer Base Ball

The next time I write one of these things, I’ll have a new site to link to. BeerGraphs should be up next week — it has to be. We have a launch party next week — happy hour at The … Continue reading

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Long Weekend Base Ball

Enjoy your long weekend! I’ve got a beer case packed: Dupont’s Foret Organic Saison, Boulevard’s Tank 7 Farmhouse, Port Brewing Wipeout IPA, Lucky Hand Black Lager, Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA, and Knee Deep’s Tanilla. That’s two great saisons, two … Continue reading

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Affordability Base Ball

I’m trying to save up a bit to get to Chicago in July for PitchFork Fest (and some BeerGraphs/FanGraphs events), so I haven’t been buying beer as expensive as I’m used to. Thank god for Red Chair NWPA from Deschutes. … Continue reading

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Beer Made Me Angry Base Ball

I had a beer this past weekend that made me angry. Just for a second — after all it was my son’s first birthday party, the weather was perfect, friends everywhere and babies splashing in the baby pool — but … Continue reading

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New Season Base Ball

It’s the new season and yet it’s just another season. That sounds wrong. It’s a new season, and so you get all the ups that come with it. But it’s also life, being cyclical. In that honor I had two … Continue reading

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The Pliny Pilgrimage

Maybe there’s no doubt. Once you’ve traveled over two hours specifically for one beer, and waited in line on Tuesday morning for that same beer, maybe then you can anoint that brewery the king. The title previously held by Ballast … Continue reading

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Freewheel Beer And the Cask

Cask beers have a different mouthfeel. That’s the industry way of saying it. Another way of saying its that cask beers are smoother, creamier, and maybe a little sweeter than their traditional counterparts. And you could add that the waterfall … Continue reading

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Base Ball King

Just a moment to recognize the dignity of the non-violent approach Martin Luther King espoused. Not many have taken up the mantle to bring those ideas into our government today. Just look at our policies, domestic and international — there … Continue reading

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Beer Presence

I gave my bro-in-law some beer as a Christmas present, which is pretty much a ‘bowling ball’ present. We drank them together last night. They might have been two of my favorite beers of all time. I don’t like tripels … Continue reading

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