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What is a Blog, Who is a Blogger

For my review of the BlogsWithBalls4.0 conference in New York, I decided to investigate what a blog is. It seemed relevant to think about as I sat in Bloomberg headquarters and watched so many bigger internet content companies (Yahoo!, ESPN … Continue reading

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No Twitter Is Not Dangerous

No, twitter is not dangerous, people are. Jason Schreier did do a good job exposing some of the flaws of Twitter with his experiment, but I’m not sure the situation is exactly as dire as he had it. Schreier made … Continue reading

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Doch, The Tricky German Word

I love words that don’t have a translation. It’s like a whole group of people just decided that nah, we don’t need a word for that. We were watching Jeopardy, and Alex Trebec said to a guest “Das ist nicht … Continue reading

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