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Unmanly Things Secretly Manly

Of course we are all tired of the unmanly ads from Miller Lite and Dr. Pepper. There are as many different ways to be a man as there are men, and these cookie-cutter ads don’t really seem to be gaining … Continue reading

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Pyschology of Emotional Expression in Baseball

Tony La Russa stares lazers but steels his face. Ron Washington’s heart is on his sleeve. I investigate their two approaches to emotion through the lens of modern psychological thought. Strange, but fun.

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Kimchi Mayonnaise Sandwich Review

I’m kind of weird about leftovers. I eye the remaining food at restaurants, trying to gauge the right time to stop eating in order to make sure that I actually have a full lunch portion remaining. Sometimes I do this … Continue reading

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What is a Blog, Who is a Blogger

For my review of the BlogsWithBalls4.0 conference in New York, I decided to investigate what a blog is. It seemed relevant to think about as I sat in Bloomberg headquarters and watched so many bigger internet content companies (Yahoo!, ESPN … Continue reading

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Corporate Buzzword List

You know, I don’t miss it. But this crowdsourced (oops) list of new corporate buzzwords should help me with ammunition to mock it! So I’ll put it here, and maybe you can find out more about “the ask” or the … Continue reading

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A Contrast in Hero-ship

I’ll tell you what I’m NOT saying when I put this video of cops daggering at the Labor Day parade in New York next to this next video of people heroically pulling a motorcyclist from a burning pile of death … Continue reading

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Fun on FanGraphs

First, I did a little mini writeup on Fernando Perez, an outfielder just trying to make his way to the bigs while listening to good music, reading interesting books, and writing about it on his tumblr. I love his perspective … Continue reading

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How to Prove You Haven’t Forgotten

Make a ‘cake’ out of shrimp and calamari.   Buy some new shoes. Get a haircut. In other words, spend some money on atrocious things. [UniWatch and NY.eatery]

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BREAKING: Hot Dogs are Gross

Man. Here are the things that people have complained to the USDA were in their hot dogs: small piece of glass worms maggots bone fragments plastic piece of an eyeball piece of metal “something green” rat leg “someone has ejaculated … Continue reading

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Louis C.K. Tribute to George Carlin

Touching, funny, and touching again. Huh, maybe Youtube linking is broken. Try this. [Warming Glow]

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