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The Sandwich Show

Fellow Mets writer Ted Berg has scooped me again: The Sandwich Show, with Chicken-Fried Steak up second. Awesome!

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Two Sandwiches (Ago) in New York City Sandwich Review

For a while there in New York, I was working above Chelsea Market. It was a fine place to work — you can get all the $15 sandwiches you can handle at Hale & Hearty and any of the four … Continue reading

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Remember Character Sandwich Review

New sandwich and build-your-own salad place opened up in Palo Alto so we took a shot at it. Gourmet, say the reviews. Eh, maybe, but my wife and I found that Sprout thought it could have maybe been gourmet but … Continue reading

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Does Portability Have Anything To Do With a Definition of a Sandwich Review

Friend of the site and fellow sandwich enthusiast Ted Berg has been working on a new series for the new year: What is a sandwich? The first post tackles a piece of meat in a starch — nori-wrapped Korean beef … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Tortas

Sometimes the torta you get represents the chef that served it to you. Two mighty fine tortas over the past month provide two different tales. In early December, I was intrigued by La Casita Chilanga, a torta-only place in Redwood … Continue reading

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Top Three Sandwiches of the Year Review

Okay, so it’s lame. It’s a lame way to start the year. That’s fine — I’ve included one new sandwich so that’s it’s not all recycled. Plus, whatever, we all get our time off! Without further yammering, my top three … Continue reading

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I Don’t Like Salad Much Sandwich Review

We’re undergoing one of my favorite rituals of the holiday season: clearing out the fridge before we leave for Christmas. I just cooked my boursin-bacon-shrimp-and-whatever-vegetables-are-in-the-fridge masterpiece (frozen peas are a crutch) as an example. And this morning my wife, who … Continue reading

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